Rpi CM4 - No Keyboard support

After playing for a while, I am able to get arch64 image booted and loaded up however I cannot use my keyboard and I have tried multiple. I am utilizing the 52pi Router board with the Rpi CM4, any help would be appreciated. How can I add drivers to the image or something to be able to start this setup?


To be completely transparent, I left IPFire for pfSense due to some issues with Microsoft Teams and Google Chat not working properly but I would really like to start using IPFire again!

IPFire on cm4 is untested, i have no board to test but i have found that USB is disabled in the devicetree of the cm4.

The usual way to enable it via devicetree overlay is not working with IPFire. You need a patched version of the device tree file that has the DWC controller enabled.

I am not that savvy to understand what I need to go do.

Ok, I was able to get the USB working by adding otg_mode=1 to the config.txt

Also note, the keyboard only works once grub has finished loading and you get to the login screen. Not sure how to fix that.

I have another problem but I will open a new thread for that!