RPi 4B Red WiFi client autostart connection BUG?


I encounter a problem when I setup Red0 as wifi client. Whenever I start up the RPi or restart the system it may not connect to the defined wifi: status “connecting…” If I open the wifi client profile, but do not change anything and press the button update, it successfully connects to the wifi within a few seconds and I get top performance without any further problems.

I don’t think that this is supposed to be like this. However I do not use the internal wifi and switched over to an 802.11an mediatek USB dongle. There is another problem with the onboard wifi: the interface is not stable with ipfire. There are no probs with Raspberry Pi OS. Every few seconds I get error messages in the system log file like this:

interface red0 removed
terminate pid XXX

I tested the behaviour at least 8 times always with the same result. May somebody please also test the red wifi client? Thx in advance. With no time set on startup (RPi has not RTC) I can’t get any logfile entries (at least I guess so)… or I just can’t find any that may help to identify the problem.


Hm just tested it today again and this time it connected at its startup. I have no clue why it doesn’t work sometimes.