Router behind ipfire (greenzone)

Greeting guys.

I’m gonna setup ipfire to sit between ONT and my TPlink archer router.

I’ve seen other setup the greenzone attached with ethernet switch.

My setting is red with PPPoE, green static ip, router static ip same subnet as green zone.

But i’m not certain about router setting, whether to use wan or lan port coming from ipfire green.

Is there any tutorial or guide for this kind of setup. Wish somebody can shared some light here.


Hi welcome to the IPFire community.

Yes you can use your wifi router as a wifi access point.
You would use one of the lan ports on your wifi router to connect to the green port of your IPFire.

In terms of tutorials or guides, there is nothing in the IPFire Wiki but if you do an internet search for “using wifi router as access point” you get a reasonable number of results where people have done that.
TPLink US have a FAQ on this topic.

Just make sure that you turn of the dhcp option in your wifi router so that any clients will get their IP addresses from IPFire.

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