Routed networks on GREEN

Hello everybody. Been searching everywhere, found nothing, so ask… maybe stupid: If there is a seperate, internal router in the GREEN network, say 172.16…0.0, into more network addresses, like, can those internal networks be added to the GREEN zone? Or do I have to declare and rule them one by one?
Second question: IPFIRE seems not to send ICMP redirects, is there a way to enable or do I need routes back into the subnets on every single host on Thx.

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The network addresses can not be made part of your Green network as Green has to be a single subnet.

However you don’t have to create a rule for all addresses individually. You can create a Network group in the WUI menu Firewall - Firewall Groups and choose Networks.

ICMP redirects are disabled in the IPFire kernel due to security concerns.

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Hi @tbaeurle, wellcome.

It seems that I don’t get the idea of the network you propose. Could you present it with

This way we would get an idea of what you need and we can help you better.


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Hi. I did a sketch by hand, hope this as good. On the green network there is a router into more local networks. Can these network segments be added to the GREEN zone so that I dont have to explicitly create them and set up all the rules for them? And is there a way to enable ICMP redirects on the GREEN interface so that I do not need to create a routing table entry on all hosts on Thx.