Restore multiple addon

The wiki page is not clarifying one special case: multiple addons. When you have two or more addon, do you always have to couple it with the main backup? Meaning, you select the main backup and addon1, restore first the main backup then addon1. For addon2 , you do the same sequence, right?

I am asking because the first time I did a restore, I assumed that each one of them should be restored only once, so after restoring the main backup and addon1, I selected addon2 only, without repeating the restore process of the main backup and this way it did not restore addon2. My conclusion is that it is always in pair that the restore has to be performed. Can anyone confirm that?


First you need to restore your main backup. Then re-install the addons. The addon backup only restores the config etc files. It does not re-install the addon.

After re-installing the addons then you can restore each addon one after the other. You do not need to redo the restore of the main backup.

Hope that helps but if I have misunderstood something then please ask again.


You answered perfectly. Thank you.