Resource problem with

Hi all.

I have a problem with the Core147 version and the WIO addon.

When I activate it (I have since it sends emails every time an OpenVPN is started) the process “” eats all the resources of the machine.


I have to uninstall it and kill the process with the KILL.

Does it happen to someone else?


Hello @roberto,

I just checked on one of my firewalls, same core update (147), OpenVPN and WIO enabled, and I don’t see excessive resource consumed from WIO.


Note: I have few devices (~ 40) in WIO and only a few OpenVPN connections per day (<10).

Best, Stéphane

Thanks Steph.

I have tried another IPFire and it doesn’t happen either. It’s a strange thing. I have tried to reinstall the Addon but the same thing keeps happening.

I can not think of anything. Any ideas?.

Thank you all.

Hi everybody.

I know what the problem is. The problem is not having the WIO Addon installed, but rather checking the following box:

If the box is checked, the aforementioned process is put to full use.

It seems to be (for now) that unchecking, applying, flagging and applying fixes the problem.

I will continue to report.


Hi again.

The problem keeps happening. If I check the box, the process “” appears and eats up the processor.


Someone else happens?.


I also activated this point here on my productive IPFire and have no problem with it. I tried to recreate your problem, but I can’t. Have you thought about setting up this IPFire again?



Again the same thing happens to me in an IPFIre.


Dec  7 08:10:13 bs kernel: Out of memory: Kill process 18671 ( score 765 or sacrifice child
Dec  7 08:10:13 bs kernel: Killed process 18671 ( total-vm:4055656kB, anon-rss:3216976kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:0kB

By default, I disable WIO notifications to OpenVPN connections.