Resource problem with

Hi all.

I have a problem with the Core147 version and the WIO addon.

When I activate it (I have since it sends emails every time an OpenVPN is started) the process “” eats all the resources of the machine.


I have to uninstall it and kill the process with the KILL.

Does it happen to someone else?


Hello @roberto,

I just checked on one of my firewalls, same core update (147), OpenVPN and WIO enabled, and I don’t see excessive resource consumed from WIO.


Note: I have few devices (~ 40) in WIO and only a few OpenVPN connections per day (<10).

Best, Stéphane

Thanks Steph.

I have tried another IPFire and it doesn’t happen either. It’s a strange thing. I have tried to reinstall the Addon but the same thing keeps happening.

I can not think of anything. Any ideas?.

Thank you all.

Hi everybody.

I know what the problem is. The problem is not having the WIO Addon installed, but rather checking the following box:

If the box is checked, the aforementioned process is put to full use.

It seems to be (for now) that unchecking, applying, flagging and applying fixes the problem.

I will continue to report.


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Hi again.

The problem keeps happening. If I check the box, the process “” appears and eats up the processor.


Someone else happens?.


I also activated this point here on my productive IPFire and have no problem with it. I tried to recreate your problem, but I can’t. Have you thought about setting up this IPFire again?



Again the same thing happens to me in an IPFIre.


Dec  7 08:10:13 bs kernel: Out of memory: Kill process 18671 ( score 765 or sacrifice child
Dec  7 08:10:13 bs kernel: Killed process 18671 ( total-vm:4055656kB, anon-rss:3216976kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:0kB

By default, I disable WIO notifications to OpenVPN connections.


Good morning,
I reactivate this post.
the same thing happens to me, if I activate WIO with the option “enabled openvpn RW …” the memory occupation spikes to 95% and having a machine with only 2 GB of ram, this out off memery causes me to close clam.

On the contrary, if I do not select this option, with clam, intrusion detection and guardian active, the occupation stands at 70%.

I have a j1900 machine with 2 GB of IPFire 2.27 ram (x86_64) - Core Update 165.

Any idea why?

Thank you

Hi @sky7176

I presume that you mean when the Enable OpenVPN RW and IPsec Statusmails? checkbox in the Configuration page is selected.

So I don’t have that selected normally so I selected that about 15 minutes ago on my system and the memory consumption has stayed completely flat at around 15% on a 4GB machine so equivalent probably to around 30% on yours.
I have Time interval for checking the OpenVPN RW and IPsec Status: set at 1 minute.

So at the moment I can not replicate your problem.
That check was running without any OpenVPN connections active. Later on I will test it out with my vm testbed system with running OpenVPN connections.

Just a quick confirmation, your Mail Service on the System menu is fully setup and confirmed working by the Send Test Mail check.

What do you see in the Logs - System Logs menu item with Who is Online? selected in the drop down box, for the time period that you have this problem?

Hi Adolf,
I have not configured the sending of mails, if you mean the one in “system”, “mail service”.

I tried to replicate the configuration on two separate machines both J1900 one with 2 gb of ram the other with 4 gb, but the anomaly does not occur.

The thing that comes to my mind is that my firewall is a migration from a previous APU hardware instead the other two are new installations.

I could try redoing my firewall from scratch and see if the problem recurs.

To completely exclude any problem dragged by the backup restore, I would have to reconfigure mine from scratch without performing a restore, but to do this I have to organize myself

“What do you see in the Logs - System Logs menu item with Who is Online? Selected in the drop down box, for the time period that you have this problem?”

I don’t see anything, which is strange since I have at least 30 devices at home.
I only see the vpn connection open this morning.


Hi Giuseppe,

Yes that is the one I meant. Then you should not be checking the box Enable OpenVPN RW and IPsec Statusmails?
This box is for enabling the sending of status emails for OpenVPN RW and IPsec. I could imagine that if you have told wio to try and send status emails and you have not set up your IPFire email system that there could be some issues. Why they occur on some machines but not others I don’t know.

So if you have not setup the System - Mail Service menu item then do not check the box in configuration labelled Enable OpenVPN RW and IPsec Statusmails?

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Ok many thanks.
I keep my firewall monitored.

These are the mysteries of information technology. HI :grin:


This might be that you have not enabled the logging in the wio configuration page.

There is a line labelled Activate logging (/var/log/messages)? that needs to have its box checked for any logging to be recorded. If you don’t want to have it logging all the time, then it can be useful to turn it on when you have a problem with wio and want to see what messages occur from it.