[RESOLVED] After update 157 issues on web browsing

Hi all,
I have webproxy in transparent mode on green.

everything was perfect on 154 … then I updated to ->157 now I have issues on normal web browsing.

often the web pages are not rendered, and most of the time I get an error on squid related to “zero reply”.

anyone having similar issues?


btw: even if I disable webproxy I still have issues…

pages like “theoldreader.com” do not work at all…

This means, you have basic problems with your internet access or name resolution.
theoldreader.com” for example could not be resolved on my ssystem on the first try.
Are you sure all ‘hanging’ destinations are really accessible all the time?

you are right, looks like the ISP had problems.

marking as “resolved”/“not an issue”