Resolve Hostname over VPN IPsec


the resolution of host names does not work over VPN IPsec. I have added some host names in the " Edit Hosts" menu. In the IPsec settings I set the Local subnet to and the DNS Servers to the IP address of IPFire. When I connect to my VPN all host name can not be resolved.

Does anyone have a tip for me?

Many thanks in advance!

I just tested my road warrior IPsec VPN and mine works OK. This is with CU 172 and an iPhone.

And I tried it with one of the items in my Edit Hosts section. All works OK.

Are you setup like this (see image)?

The local subnet is different. Maybe that is it?

Thank you! I set that wrong. I also had to leave the Domain Name field blank in the Host settings. Now it works. :slight_smile: