Request to include bitcoin as a donation method

If the project would create a wallet and release an address, or even better install BTCPay server I would donate to the project using this method.


Thanks for this information.

I can’t see an advantage for donations via bitcoin.
A user willing to donate, can do this with real money.

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This user is willing to donate to the project in bitcoin. I am not willing to donate in euros or dollars or any other currency. Do whatever you want with this statement.

Thanks for bringing this up again (I thought I had responded to this somewhere already but it might have been the old forum).

We won’t accept Bitcoin or any other crypto currency at IPFire. This has a few reasons:

  • It is an absolute tax nightmare. This might be different in other jurisdictions like the US, but European law is very restrictive about this as all crypto currencies aim to avoid any regulations.
  • We pay our bills in Euros and US dollars. I am not aware that any of our hosting providers, etc. is accepting bitcoins. So we would have to exchange them anyways. This step could be done by the donor to make it easier for us.
  • And finally I personally disagree with this Ponzi scheme that is burning our planet :slight_smile:

We offer a number of donations options at the moment. They all vary in how privacy-friendly and expensive they are. There should be a good option for everyone.