Replace hardware with different architecture and save configuration

I have two IPFire gateways (home and a vacation house) that run on Intel/AMD hardware - I’m looking at getting a couple of ARM Cortex-A76 devices so backing up an ISO from and restoring would not be an option.

What is the recommended way to migrate configuration only without the binaries?

At the end of the day I can probably manually copy all configuration files across and since it’s just two devices will not be a big issue but I’m sure I’ll miss a service or two so something automated would be better.

Thank you,

To migrate the configuration from an older machine to a new one, these are the recommended steps:

  1. backup the configuration from the older machine;
  2. fresh install IPFire to the new machine, make a minimal configuration to get to the Web User Interface;
  3. restore the backup configuration of the older machine into the newer firewall;
  4. take care of a couple of issues.