Rename Blue Interface?

Hi folks,

I have searched, but maybe used the wrong search terms.

(How) Can I rename the blue interface and display it in a different colour?

The actual configuration is:


First, welcome to the community.

Second, why do you want to rename the blue interface?
I think the effort to do this is very high.
Throughout the IPFire software the third interface is called blue0. A rename would demand one level more of abstraction. One must define the names of the logical interfaces and use these in the applications. ( <WAN name> → interface <WAN name>0, interface name <WAN name>, … for example )

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Thank you, Bernhard,

the point is actually that if I get hit by a truck today, someone understands the configuration without having to read everything in my documentation.

The pw are on a piece of paper in the folder, the documentation exists only digitally, because I change them again and again.

But in the end it is okay. Will make a marker on the cable. That this leads to the Smarthome switch should also be clear, only in the Webend “Wireless” confuses the users.

Many greetings
Have a nice weekend