Remove a PTR record

I installed Linux Mint on a system, then later I changed the hostname to cw. But nslookup reports both names. I tried /etc/init.d/dhcp stop then start, I tried /etc/init.d/network restart but no luck. Is there a way to flush this record ? thank you.

nslookup	name = cw.lan.	name = mint.lan.

Yes, you can restart unbound. If this happens again, this is a bug.

Thank you. Restarted unbound and it cleared the PTR record.

This happens often in my network, I bring in a laptop, do an install, change hostname, reboot laptop and then nslookup reports 2 PTR records. If I change the hostname again, 3 PTR records.

Could you report this on Bugzilla, please?

done … 12275

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