Remote syslog server and dns name resolving

Good morning,
for test I created a syslog server with loganalyzer.

On a remote ipfire I set in “Syslog Server” the ddns name of my connection where I placed the syslog server, configured nat and firewall rules to accept remote accesses on the syslog port.

Now why in the log I don’t see the remote host name, for example, but I see the dns name of my provider, for example

Do I need to configure anything?

I have no net to net vpn between the two machines

I hope I explained myself in my bad English


This is most likely your
Remote Ipfire WAN ip.
The logs don’t show DNS names as far as I know.

Ok, this is my remote ip,
but why does the syslog string report this and not the local name of the remote ipfire as it does on my local ipfire?
The syslog string is generated locally and then sent to the remote server right?
I probably don’t understand how the syslog daemon works but that’s why I want to understand.