Release 155 - transparent squid blocking websockets?

Hi Guys

my current end goal is trying to integrate IP based CCTV cameras into the Orange network such that they can be viewed by Green and Blue , and with appropriate pinholes, can be viewed from the security app running on the NAS in green.

After several frustrating hours I launched wireshark and found out what was really going on with the

  • Initially when I browse the camera it uses http “GET”
  • Once the basics are established, it does an http “upgrade” to websocket protocol

At this point, the static content is still displayed, but the video stream isnt.

After checking all the ports used in the TCP transactions via blue , and then repeating the traces via
orange it was immediately obvious that something was blocking the video from websocket as the Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus commands were working (verified from blue device)

As soon as I turned off the squid transparent proxy on blue and restarted squid - I got video - so my firewall pinholes are 100%

I did some tests with

it seems wss:/ protocol goes straight through - presumably as Squid is not proxying https - but ws:/

So good people - how do I get squid to transparently proxy Websocket protocol from a range of 6 IP cameras in the orange subnet please ?

Many thanks in advance



…or perhaps… how to permit transparent proxy bypass for a specific range of target IP addresses?



This post might help with this.