Refactoring of /Network/hosts wiki documentation

I have recently made some changes to the wiki page regarding editing the unbound configuration using the WUI to enter hostnames for local hosts with fixed IP. I took the liberty of refactoring the page based on my personal preference and what I would have found helpful when I was initially trying to understand the topic. Please feel free to review the changes and revert them if they do not align with the community’s standards or if you have any concerns.


Hey Carlo!

Thanks for updating the page. I haven’t read through all of the changes yet but I will.

Keep in mind this is the Web Interface section of the Wiki and the titles match the menus.

So this one should stay as Edit Hosts.

EDIT: If some of the changes came from ChatGPT please make sure to give credit to ChatCPT. Maybe a simple acknowledgment of the info or a link to the conversation.



I created an acknowledgments section with the correct attribution, as it is done in academia.


I read through the entire page. All looks A-OK!