Redirect Page URL Filter


I installed, tested IPFire and read tutos & forums a long time before asking questions.
First of all, I would congrat the team for their work : Your solution working really fine !

This is my configuration : RED + GREEN, dhcp and dns are setup for a web proxy auto configuration for all web browser.
The default firewall behaviour for connections from local networks is blocked (client have to go through the proxy)
URL filter block access in http and https and logs are ok.

In URL Filter, The Redirect page don’t work and I can’t find why.

I can access to the redirect page whitout problem http://IPFIRE-ADDR:81/redirect.cgi

when I try to access facebook for ex, I have an error like dns :
It seems that the web page at may be experiencing problems or has been permanently moved to a new web address.

If anyone has a solution, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Obviously, redirect page, File extension blocking and squidclamav does’nt work in https.
Everything works fine in http.
I close my request.

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