Redesigning the configuration pages

@ms - Concerning the recent changes to:

Dude! Too much! All of the stuff that helps newbies is gone.

I agree some pages are too busy and the (The Web Interface) is too busy but now it is too minimal.

You’ve made the page perfect for the experts but not helpful for the newbies.

On a scale of 1 to 10

  • a Newbie is a “1” and
  • an Expert is a “10”
  • I am near a “3” (if that!)
  • and you are closer to a “12+”

So when I add pages I am writing for something closer to my level. And I am more a “visual” type person. That why I add lots of images.

I’d be happy to tighten things up.

There are so much more degrees into the scale from n00b to expert. The more you know, the more you understand how much you don’t know.

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What was that?

Please read the guidelines then. The images that have been on the page were not helpful. They showed a dropdown menu. We all know what that looks like, but it was not clear where it was. The menus also change from installation to installation depending on configuration and installed add-ons.

Now there is one big image that shows the whole of the web UI. We didn’t even had that before. This should give people a clearer image on where they should be.

There are steps on the page on how to get to the web UI (on a sub-page actually) and people will now have to click through the right section to find what they are looking for.

The page resembles the hierarchy of the web UI and that is easily accessible. There are N links, one for each menu item on the web UI.

I have no idea why some add-ons or pages where “featured” on the page before. I suppose the author thought that their add-on is the most important one - that happens to all of us actually.

I do not think that this page is now more expert level.

The images.

For experts the images are not helpful. For newbies they are helpful. And they were very helpful for me as a newbie.

I’m not sure I understand this part. I don’t remember add-on (or the items featured) on the wiki page, but I’ll look again.

Samba & mpfire were linked here

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I 2nd the notion of visual type person.

I went to this link, my first impressions were, where are the images? I could not visualize it. When I went to the IPFire system and looked, then read the above page, it made more sense. So including a picture would help me.

So rating any documentation on any product:
F - nothing (most products fall here)
D - Summary, a few instructions/notes/references here and there, missing alot of details.
C - Straight text, no images/pictures. Details, but can not tell if complete.
B - images/pictures with text, details or links to details, Not intuitive flow of information (a lot of digging to find information), but complete information.
A - Intuitive flow of information, images/pictures with text, details or links to details, complete information.

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There is a picture now.