Red0 unassigned on Core 154

I am having a weird issue,
Everything was working fine until I updated from core 153 to core 154 and after reboot, I had no internet.

WUI-System-Home shows.Connecting.

after reboot of cable Modem still connecting. Seems like I can’t connect to the ISP.

I clicked on "INTERNET"
and got a message

Dialup profiles can only used if RED is set to PPP Dialup
Check the networking setup.

so I connected with SSH and ran


and see that red0 was not assigned , meaning there was no NIC
I have 3x Intel AT210,. red0 and green0,

I did have a similar issue previously on core152 -after reboot both red and green had no NIC assigned.

this time it happened on 154 and after reboot it was just the RED NIC unassigned.

How does a NIC get :unassigned in IPFire after reboot,.
How would I go about to troubleshoot something like that?

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A possible workaround:

I’d run IPFire on a vintage 2005 PC with 4 NICs, assigned to Red, Green, Blue and Orange. I had no problem there.

I’ve started running IPFire on a not quite as old PC with 5 NICs. I assigned 4 to Red, Green, Blue and Orange. One NIC was left unassigned. I experienced Red becoming unassigned.

I’ve now assigned Green to 2 NICs in Bridge mode using the Zone Configuration menu, leaving no NICs unassigned. So far Red has remained assigned to the NIC I had selected.

I’ve run it that way, with all NICs assigned, for a very short time, with just a couple of machine reboots as tests. So it’s not been an exhaustive test. But so far, so good.

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Thank you @alfabeta
I will try to assign the 1st and 3rd NIC to red0 and see what happens :v:

So Network-Zone Configuration
overrides the settings I assign using SSH setup ?

I assigned the previously unassigned NIC to Green: two NICs for Green, one for Blue, one for Orange, and one for Red.

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