Red Issue connecting to modem

10Gtek dual SFP+ with one fiber and one Ethernet module installed, new to me dedicated ipFire build, Spectrum gig service and no red connection to the modem over the Ethernet module. Everything else on the local fiber network side works just fine.

Amazon sent me the wrong card from one that worked in the past but while I wait for it I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas on why I get activity on the Red Traffic along the left side menu bar but I still get the following in the logs:

IPFire diagnostics
Section: red
Date: November 05, 2023

14:17:44 dhcpcd[2825] : dhcpcd-10.0.2 starting
14:17:44 dhcpcd[2828] : DUID 00:01:00:01:2c:d7:f0:13:98:b7:85:55:22:12
14:17:44 dhcpcd[2828] : red0: waiting for carrier
14:18:44 dhcpcd[2828] : timed out
14:18:44 dhcpcd[2828] : main: control_stop: No such file or directory
14:20:17 dhcpcd[2244] : dhcpcd-10.0.2 starting
14:20:17 dhcpcd[2247] : DUID 00:01:00:01:2c:d7:f0:13:98:b7:85:55:22:12
14:20:17 dhcpcd[2247] : red0: waiting for carrier
14:20:34 dhcpcd[2247] : red0: carrier acquired
14:20:34 dhcpcd[2247] : red0: IAID 85:01:cf:b2
14:20:35 dhcpcd[2247] : red0: soliciting a DHCP lease
14:21:17 dhcpcd[2247] : timed out
14:21:17 dhcpcd[2247] : main: control_stop: No such file or directory
14:21:17 dhcpcd[2247] : dhcpcd exited

I have tried fresh installs, backup settings only and backup+iso. I am on my old box right now that has never had an issue with the modem.


Further fiddling shows that I can easily get an ip if I plug the red back into my main switch to get a normal lease from my internal network. So I am assuming it is now something to do with the negotiation with the modem itself.

How can I verify this?



Settings for red0:
Supported ports: [ FIBRE ]
Supported link modes: 10000baseT/Full
Supported pause frame use: Symmetric
Supports auto-negotiation: No
Supported FEC modes: Not reported
Advertised link modes: 10000baseT/Full
Advertised pause frame use: Symmetric
Advertised auto-negotiation: No
Advertised FEC modes: Not reported
Speed: 10000Mb/s
Duplex: Full
Auto-negotiation: off
Transceiver: internal
Supports Wake-on: d
Wake-on: d
Current message level: 0x00000007 (7)
drv probe link
Link detected: yes

Perhaps this will help?

Thanks, I tried some things in that thread and my problem does not go away even if I unplug and plug back in the network cable

Hello @arx237, welcome to the community. Your description is somewhat unclear. Could you clarify whether you’re experiencing connectivity issues despite seeing activity on the Red Traffic? Are you able to connect to the internet or not? A diagram of your network setup with IP addresses and the network range of key components would be helpful. Please upload an image of this diagram for further assistance. You could simply sketch it on sheet of paper and snap a picture.

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Sorry, I do not know how to make it any simpler. I see the in/out activity on the helpful little display on the menu bar but as the logs describe no address is given and hence no way to access internet.


  • New ipfire box>>red0->modem: does not get an address as demonstrated with the posted log

  • New ipfire box>>red0->old ipfire box: picks up an ip address perfectly fine for my local network whether using a 10g fiber module or a 10g RJ45 into either a 10g or 1g port.

So it doesn’t seem to be the networking hardware currently installed in the new ipfire box and seems to have something to do with being unable to negotiate an address from the modem itself.

I have tried multiple SFP+ cards, multiple modules that are supposed to auto-negotiate and may look into replacing the Spectrum modem itself since they do not allow any useful owner interaction with their equipment.

From the WUI “system / home”
Do you have Internet / ip address / status
and gateway.

I apologize but I don’t understand why this keeps getting asked and am running out of ways to say red is not connecting to the modem and therefore not the internet.

It’s a very flat and simple topology that is working perfectly fine on my old ipfire box. I just wanted to update the hardware.

Some ISPs bind the service to a specific MAC address. If the old IPFire box was connected to the modem before, the modem might expect its MAC address. Try cloning the MAC address of the old IPFire box to the new one.


My ISP temporarily binds the MAC address.

I am setup like this:
Internet → gateway device → ipfire

To make things work (and accept a new IPFire box):

  • power down the IPFire box AND power down the gateway device
    • in your case the “10Gtek dual SFP+ with one fiber and one Ethernet module installed” device
  • Power up the gateway device and wait and wait (for me about 90 seconds)
  • then power up the IPFire.

Otherwise you’ll need to follow @cfusco and clone the MAC address.

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Yes I found this out last night before you posted but it took a hell of a time rebooting the crappy Spectrum modem. It doesn’t help that I have no access to logs either to actually see what is going on and their customer support is practically useless.

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