Red+Green or Red+Green+Blue?

I have a fiber ONT which I’m going to put IPFire connected to via the Red network. Then the Green would be just for a few workstations. Then the rest of our house devices are all WiFi connected behind an existing Google Mesh network. Which is better? Have the Google Mesh connected to the Green and just have the typical two firewall network setup w/ Green+Red? Or is it recommended, better, or what are the pros/cons with having the Google Mesh connected to a third NIC port (which I have on my device I’m setting up IPFire onto) and have it on the Blue network with a Red+Green+Blue setup?

I the Google wifi will be a double NAT for wife users.
Bridging Google wifi is not great.
as Long as you have no Gamers on your wifi double NAT shold not be a problem.
You can put it in Blue or Orange DMZ.
Orange DMZ may make setup a pain.

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Good point. Had issues in the past with the Google Mesh WiFi when it came to NAT and some games on the Steam engine. Worked around that with some changes on the Google WiFi itself. So… I may just go with Red/Green and have the ONT connect to a switch, then have the IPFire and Google Mesh connected to the switch, with my cabled devices on Green. I’ll try the WiFi on Blue first and see how it goes. Kindof want everything behind a firewall I can manage a bit more and see traffic logs (Kids are growing up and I want to monitor/lock down as much as I can whereas Google WiFi has limitations that I’d like to fill gaps with (and have logging insight into) that I’m hoping IPFire will solve for).

Gaming can be on blue wired.
Google wifi on blue double NAT.
Don’t know your requierments.

Ok. I went back into setup after initial installation/configuration with Green + Red. In the subsequent setup I changed the network to Green + Red + Blue and assigned my third NIC to the Blue network. The only option through setup was to assign it a static IP (which I did). There wasn’t an option to set up DHCP on that third Blue network.
That being said, it does look like I can set the WAN on my Google WiFi (that I’m going to put on Blue) to ‘Static’. So I’m assuming that’s the route there.
However, it seems there are others with community searching I’ve done that have set up DHCP on their Blue network. Haven’t found any documentation on how to do that, just yet, anyone have a source that would assist with adding DHCP services to the Blue network (and not just Green)?

That is correct. In the setup stage you can only define a dhcp server on green.

After setup has been completed go into the Web User Interface (WUI) and go to the menu item Network - DHCP Server and you can then enable dhcp on blue (if you have an interface assigned to blue, and define a dynamic range etc.


Awesome! Thought that might be the case. I’ve yet to really dive into the UI - waiting for a time to have everything down for a bit to put it all in place (family of 6 w/ two parents WFH).

This is a good place to start to read about beforehand.