Red Failover configuration Cable and a VPN

So I’m trying to setup a Red Failover.

WAN1 Is my DOCS IS Cable Modern. Basic, just plug it in and go.
WAN2 is WiFi Network extender. It connects to a mobile hotspot. However, I need to have it passthrough a VPN. If I can configure that on IP-fire, great. If not I think I can do it on the WiFi Network Extender.:thinking:

I can’t seem to find the how-to for Failover RED🤷‍♂️

Not looking for load balancing or anything fancy. Just want it to Failover to WAN2 when WAN1 is down.

Hi @mpyusko

In IPFire2.x failover can only be done to a dial-up connection, not to another dhcp connection.

See the following thread:-

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