RED disconnects randomly with VLAN ID


I’ve recently changed my internet provider (real fiber connection OAN-NET) since this is cheaper and has a symmetrical bandwidth.

I’ve configured everything like in this post from the old forum: IPFire Community

Now to my problem, i’ve got random disconnects on RED (sometimes after a few hours, sometimes after a few days), when i restart ipfire everything is working again with no problem but since this can’t be the solution i went to the forums and looked for an answer but found nothing, eventually someone here can help me.
I’ve also talked to my ISP and he can reach the fiber converter box but not my ipfire box if the connection is disconnected.

The fiber connection is established via a converter box from fiber to ethernet and then connects to my ipfire box.

I had to configure the red interface like mentioned above with the tutorial from the old forum (since the configure zones in the webgui doesn’t work for me), the IP address is assigned by DHCP and has to have a specific VLAN ID that was provided to me by my ISP.

Eventually someone can help me out…
Thank you/Danke…

How do these disconnects happen?

Anything in the logs?

Are you using DHCP?

Hello Christoph,

are your current ISP german telekom?
on my own ipfire i have set up the connection scheduler to disconnect and reconnect every day at 5 am. is it possible for you to try this one and check after 1-2 days if the error is persisting?

One time the disconnect happened i was at home, it simply dropped the connection.
I then opened the webgui from ipfire it shows that my static IP is still assigned but nothing works also i can’t ping my static IP from ‘outside’ even the firewall itself doesn’t make the ‘disconnect sound’. It also tries to send data but get’s no data back.

Nothing abnormal in the log.

Yes i’m using DHCP since the IP is assigned through DHCP with the VLAN ID or should i try to set it to my static IP since it’s static (my ISP said i should let it on DHCP and i never asked why)? :smiley:

No it’s a small local provider and the network infrastructure is provided over ViaEurope (250MB/s for Euro ~40,- the static IP is extra but i think that’s not that expensive).
Btw: I’s not a dailup connection or VDSL like it’s often in Germany…

Yes i could try that but it can take some time if i experience the problem again since it’s completely random.
Eventually i will try to set it first to the static IP and look if everything works.

Follow the advice of your ISP. DHCP probably sounds best here.

Not even the link dropping?

Okay than i will stick with that, i only thought because it’s a public static IP address i can try that.

Nope, i can send the log if you need if it happens again.
I think ipfire doesn’t register that the link is dropped strictly speaking the link itself doesn’t drop if i type in ifconfig it shows as up and behaves as it is connected correctly but it isn’t, even on the main page it displays the assigned ip and everything.
I think it has something to do with the VLAN ID that i’ve assigned so that it can’t establish a connection to the network.
Oh, one thing that I’ve forget I’m using ipfire on an Alix APU.1D4 (also the NIC’s support VLAN ID’s) also made a fresh install and configured everything new after switching the ISP from Telekom Austria to the FTTH (OAN) connection.

@ms It happened again and nothing in the logs, the only thing that’s in the log is the restart of ipfire and that it obtained the IP via DHCP.
It must have happened between 23:00 and 07:00 but i can’t tell the exact time since there is nothing in the logs.

@ms I’ve now switched over to another firewall for testin reasons i think now 2 months (the other firewall ends with Sense) and i never get a disconnect or a drop of my connection.

I want to go back to IPFire can somebody help or has experienced the same problem as i did?

I even reinstalled IPFire but the same as bevor, i put a load on my internet connection with the VLAN tag and after a short while it drops the connection and sometimes completely random drops occur (nothing in the logs).

If they are using a different DHCP client, they might not have the same problem.

We are tracking the issue here and I would always recommend opening a ticket. I was not aware of this bug in February.

There must be something. I would need that to have an idea about what is going on.

Where can I find the
of the old forum mentionned in the first post ?

The old forum no longer exists. Any link to the old forum now goes to the new one.