Recovery from power failure

We had power failure affecting the area where I live. After the failure, my IPFire woke up, and my internal neyworks (green0 and blue0) started to work OK, but external (red0) did not come up, until I rebooted my IPFire.
Is it critical for IPFire, that connectivity in red (or any) interface should be available when IPFire starts probing interfaces?
My green0 is attached to a switch, and red0 is connected to internet via VDSL2 bridge (my own) and fiber/VDSL2 device (operator owned).
What can I do so that full connectivity would be restored automatically after such power failure?

A power failure is a bit tricky.
When power comes up again, both your internet access devices and ipfire restart.
This can produce a race condition. IPFire assumes a working equipment on the WAN side.
Usually this is true, because a power failure often produces a file system check after reboot. While this is running the WAN equipment has time to come up also.
I think, the case ‘IPFire is up before WAN devices’ isn’t handled enough in the boot process.
Thus a restart of IPFire solves the race condition. This isn’t very ‘nice’, but a check process in the boot sequence is possibly more error prone.

If you have a high probability of power losses in your area, you should think about a UPS solution.

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Thanks for explanation.
Probability of power failure is quite low here. According to the utility, this was caused by careless outsider. My guess is someone digging and hitting the underground cable in the neighborhood. The duration was 13 min.
Even if I would set up UPS for my own devices, there is the operator’s fiber/VDSL2 device, that is common to other apartments in this row house. Hmm… maybe I could get another UPS there…

An UPS on your site may help a bit.
Your own equipment doesn’t switch off. So the power loss does only change the state on the WAN side ( WAN connection lost ). IPFire and the VDSL2 bridge should handle this in an expected manner.

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