Reconsider sslh removal?

Hi, I’ve been checking the news regarding the upcoming 186 release, and noticed that sslh was removed.

I wonder why? Aside from a quick change to the init.d start script, it was (and is) working perfectly fine for me on 185 release.

Would it be possible to reconsider this removal? SSLH is an essential tool for those like me who are mostly behind a restrictive firewall and must use port 443 as a gateway to SSH and OPENVPN.


The reason that it was removed was that the last update was done in CU 162 (26 core updates ago) and that addon would no longer have worked for any user that had upgraded after CU162.

It did not seem to be interesting for any IPFire users as the fact that it was broken was not flagged up till April this year (2.5 years after update).

It looks like you actually use the sslh package and were able to understand and also test out the changes required.

I don’t use sslh and was not familiar with the usage cases and how to construct them.

The simplest way to get it back would be to raise it in the IPFire Dev mailing list.

It would be good if you indicate to the dev mailing list members that you would be willing to submit a patch to add it back in but also to maintain it for any future releases then you would likely get more support for putting it back in.


Yes absolutely. We just noticed that it no longer works and that for a long time. Hence we figured that there were virtually no users. We also had nobody on the team who volunteered to look at it, so we went with a removal.

If you are happy to send patches, please follow the links that @bonnietwin has sent.