Rebuild ipfire for aarch64 - cross build env

I tried to rebuild ipfire for aarch64 on a pi3B but this fails due too less memory while building gcc.
Is there a quick manual to setup a cross build (qemu) env with a Ubuntu x86?

The simplest way is to install qemu-user-static on your Ubuntu system, or whatever the equibalent name is on that OS.

Then do the build but with the following commands.

Erase the old build:
./ clean

Download a toolchain for the target architecture:
./ —-target=aarch64 gettoolchain

And then run the build:
./ —-target=aarch64 build

Be warned, the build time will be very long due to the emulation.

The only other way that I am aware of would be to create an aarch64 virtual machine on your Ubuntu system using one of the vm systems.


Thank you :slight_smile: