Reboot and check filesystem

I noticed that a new button appeared in the GUI: “reboot and check filesystem” in System > Shutdown.
What actions are triggered by this button and when is it (not) recommended to use it? Does it start a “fsck” command or check if all the files are present with the right permissions?
It’s to update the wiki.
I haven’t found any description of it in the blog or bugzilla.

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clicking “Reboot and check filesystem” does the following:

  1. run /usr/local/bin/ipfirereboot bootfs
  2. ipfirereboot runs this command: /sbin/shutdown -F -r now

The option “-F” then forces a file system check by fsck (via /forcefsck) at the next startup.
This can be helpful if, for example, IPFire was not shut down cleanly due to a power failure. But unfortunately this won’t fix permission or configuration issues.


Thank you for this clear answer !

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