Readout of hwtemp / harddisk temperature via SNMP

is it possbile to read out the system temperature (hwtemp) and/or harddisk temperature via SNMP?
I can’t find anything matching in the SNMP walk readout.

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Since lm-sensors is part of IPFire, and net-SNMP is an addon, I think you could adapt this tutorial. If it corresponds, it should be lmSensors

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Thanks, this helped.
I finally found it now at OID: .

Hi @ragsna and All,

what do you have as a value with this OID ? For my configs, the hard disk temperature is 48000 for one, 51000, 63000 or nothing for the others…

From what I was able to gather, IPFire seems quite poor on the relevant SNMP / OID side but I could be wrong…

Does a MIB exist for IPFire ?

You need to divide by 1000 to get degrees C. It’s the hwtemp value (system?), not harddisk temp here.
Which OID do you use for your harddisk temp?

Indeed, a MIB would be helpful, but I’m not aware of that.


OK, thanks @ragsna.

I was mistakenly thinking Kelvin degrees as I’ve seen with other tools.

Otherwise, I can’t find the temperature of the storage.