Raspberry PI CM4 Part success

I have the Seed studio dual Gigabit board with a CM4 inside and it partly works with the new image. Only thing I can’t get working so far is the built-in Wifi module. It doesn’t see it (openwrt does so I know its there). Any ideas on how to get it working? its a BCM43455 from the best I can tell.

Link to the board for reference https://www.seeedstudio.com/Dual-GbE-Carrier-Board-with-4GB-RAM-32GB-eMMC-RPi-CM-4-p-4898.html


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My completely uneducated guess would be the kernel we ship in Core Update 162 (5.15.6) does not contain a driver for this device yet.

However, @arne_f is the hardware/kernel expert around here… :slight_smile:

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I have tested both core 160 and 162 on this particular hardware. If you look over on the ARM SBC Support Discussion, post 130, I posted that I got this hardware to work with both ethernet ports and the wifi. At the time, I thought I was using core 161, but now believe it was core 160. When I tested with core 162, post 156, it was clear that the driver for the wifi chip was no longer in the distro.

This last weekend, I went back and tested both cores 160 and 162, and 160 has the driver and 162 does not. So somewhere the build process the driver disappeared. This is a bummer, I was hopping to build a small travel firewall.

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By the way, I would like to add something. The CM4 has the potential to be a nightmare for the developers! Take a look at this webpage, Boards | Raspberry Pi PCIe Devices, can you imagine trying to some of these? I know that not all of these boards are suitable for a router/firewall, but I count at least 4 commercial boards, and I think I have seen another one somewhere else. This has the potential for chaos!


Not a deal breaker for my setup (I have a full unifi setup) but having an emergency wifi AP would be nice. Maybe they will add it back in soon. It works pretty well and the family approval factor is high right now.

I have my CM4 8GB RAM / 16GB ROM working fine for 2 weeks now without any problems, but I don’t have wifi onboard so I can’t tell about that. However I think the board can be listed as fully supported. Great work. Thx.

Also I’m very happy that the wifi Realtek RTL8822BU is supported now and it works great for wifi client on red!