Raspberry PI 4b

Hi Team,
Fedora 33 is been released and now the Raspberry PI 4b is supported.

Is it fair to think that IPfire could be available on this hardware for home use only?
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Rpi would be alot of work as they use custom kernel and not everything is supported on mainline kernel yet.
Why use rpi for firewall? There are other powerful devices to use as firewall.

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Hi Furkan K,
thanks for your answer.
I love it, because it is a powerful and very cheap motherboard. Also the power consumption is low and you can buy it with a lot of ram. In my opinion for home use is perfect.
Currently I am using one with Debian 10 installed with shorewall, dnsmasq, squid with sarg and openvpn and it works very well. As GUI I have installed webmin.
But… there is a quite lot of work to do!
IPfire is invincible… it is ready to use after 5 minutes!
So I hope to replace my homemade solution as soon as possible with a IPfire, if it will be released.
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I agree to this as I have one for testing but as it only have single onboard lan it’s not the ideal one to be used as firewall appliance as user will need additional usbtolan adaptors
While you can get sbc with multiple onboard lan.

I will be trying to get RockPiE and E3 to work with ipfire and also NanopI R2S.

I think maintaining an rpi is alot of work too for the developers.

Update) :
I see there was a forum discussion on old forum.

Please check supported arm devices too.