Random Mac adress on red0

Dear All,

I use an 4G USB modem as red0 interface. This is a Alcatel IK40 (also named L850V from lsusb). It works fine, just configuring the red0 interface as DHCP and everythings is ok.

Only problem, is at each reboot, the modem assign a new MAC adress so IPfire fails to detect it at startup.when connecting to the modem ( the modem embled website don’t offer any option to disable this. also no ssh allowed.

Do I have any option to detect red0 with else than MAC adress? ex: USB device id ?


You have to manually edit /var/ipfire/ethernet/settings

if your device is detected as usb0 change
RED_DEV=red0 to RED_DEV=usb0
after this it should work.