Rainbow Six Siege Server

Hello all,

I’m trying to enable access to the Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege Server without success behind IPFire Core 153. I’m using a PC to play the game and I’m able to access the server if I connect my PC to my cable modem so I’m ruling out my PC configuration. I have enable the following port but no luck.

Steam and download content:
UDP remote port 27015–27030
TCP remote port 27015–27030
Steam Client
UDP remote port 27000–27100: Game traffic
UDP local port 27031-27036: Remote Play
TCP local port 27036: Remote Play
UDP remote port 4380
Dedicated or Listen Servers
TCP local port 27015 (default): SRCDS Rcon port
UDP local port 27015 (default): gameplay traffic
Steamworks P2P Networking and Steam Voice Chat
UDP remote port 3478
UDP remote port 4379
UDP remote port 438
Uplay PC:
TCP: 80, 443, 13000, 13005, 13200, 14000, 14001, 14008, 14020, 14021, 14022, 14023, 14024
Game Ports:
TCP: 80, 443
UDP: ​10000-10099, 3074​, 6015

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Sorry for the silly question, but it has to be asked.
Are you sure that your connection has a pubblic IP Address and NAT is working as intended?

Hello Pike,

Yes I can confirm I have a public IP and NAT is working properly. Other game are working correctly online, Cyberpunk 2077, Afterparty, Among Us, Phasmophobia and many other.

Hi, if you are visit ubisoft site: Troubleshooting connectivity issues in Rainbow Six: Siege (PC) - Ubisoft Support
verify your forwarding (IP your PC NON dynamic, but Static)

Hello Walter, I just try a Static IP and no luck. I’m forwarding the TCP / UDP rules I have create and I’m puzzle why it doesn’t work. Localisation Block is disable, proxy is disable, URL filter is disable, QoS is also disable. No other online games give me problem and I was able to make it work by enabling the Windows Firewall and plugging the network cable directly in my cable modem. Saying so this step validate the game is fully running on the computer.

Hi, after connect your pc directly, execute netstat on windows command prompt and gathering the connection between pc and Server. Note it and apply into firewall

The server you are trying to connect to is out side your network? All the rules you created are inbound rules. Do you have your firewall blocking outbound traffic?

I play the same game on PC with absolutely no firewall rules set.

Hello Disturbeddragon,

Last Sunday I have deploy a fresh IPfire firewall, no Firewall Rules, Firewall Options all default, Intrusion Prevention using default ruleset setting “Talos VRT” on RED interface, Location Block disable, no Proxy, no URL filter QoS disable and still I’m not able to to make Rainbow Six connect to the server. I have install and configure OpenWrt firewall and plug in place of the IPFire and it work flawless. I know it doesn’t make sense.

Hello Walter,

I was able to do the netstat command with a freshly install IPfire firewall with all the default value done over the weekend then do the same with a OpenWRT but I’m not able to figure why OpenWRT Rainbow Six does connect with the Siege Server flawless but not IPfire. The test was done in 10 minute interval and the result of the netstat command in each .txt file.

netstat_IPfire.zip (666 Bytes) netstat_openwrt_firewall.zip (646 Bytes)

What core are you using?
If 153 try 152 and post the results.

This may not be much of a help, I just wanted to provide more info to this topic as it seems related to the issues I had. I did a quick test run of IPfire as I was looking for an alternative for pfsense. Had the same issue with modern warfare trying to load modern warfare multiplayer.

What’s odd is it should still connect with no inbound exceptions allowed and just work under a strict NAT configuration, but it wouldn’t even connect and get past the loading screen. I ended up also loading up miniupnd and configured that correctly, but still couldn’t connect.

I honestly thought maybe the servers were just down and it was bad timing, but ultimately I loaded opnsense and was able to connect just fine. It’s really bizarre, i’m curious to find out what was completely preventing any connectivity. Hopefully when I have more free time I can give it another test run, but you’re not alone with this issue.

Hello Ryan,

I have been running Opensense for the pass 4 week and the issue is gone. I have loaded both in a VM under ESXI6.7 with passthrough for the network card and as soon I switch to IPFire the multiplayer mode stop working for few game.