Questions / Discussion about Blog post "What can you do with the new DNS"

First, the blog post references core 140 instead of 141. This might confuse some people.

If it is anything more than a log of my DNS queries, I’d like to know the mechanism used by an ISP DNS server to capture my browser history (and anything else it is collecting)?

The blog mentions “Recursor Mode” as a feature but doesn’t say how to enable or disable it.

Thank you. I fixed that.

There is no simple way to enable logging of all DNS queries in IPFire. This is probably useless unless there is some code that parses such a log and renders some statistics across it.

Just set the protocol to UDP and remove all DNS servers.

I have added this to the wiki here:

I was referring to how the ISP DNS server is capturing my browsing history as alluded to in the blog post. The only way I can think of is for their DNS server to keep a log of all my DNS queries. Are there any other mechanisms they might employ?

No, that would probably be it.

And then they have a look at what kind of websites you are looking at. Private mode in your browser doesn’t help a bit.