Questions about installer script

Hello to you, I need your help.

I would like to release my addon IPTraffic for testing. But I am still missing some infos for the installer. At the moment only with german interface.

  1. is the database SQLite now installed by default? i can’t find it in the addons anymore.
  2. how can I add a menu entry with the installer? IPCop had a script for this purpose which you could use.
  3. how can I insert a cronjob into fcron via script? Does it work the same way as with cron?
  4. how do I get the languages of the addon included?

I am grateful for every hint.

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Hi Frank,

Nice idea.

Yes, SQLite is part of the core system -->;a=blob;f=config/rootfiles/common/sqlite;h=f3b0b3697ee7f6fc18ebac101f8098882e444f2b;hb=refs/heads/core152 . All ROOFILES located under common are core system components.

Here -->;a=commit;h=0830129a3c5065be7d3af416de16481f2d5a612f
is an example from the Tor addon where you should find the appropriate entries for additional menu entries.

You can find under /etc fcron directories which will be executed under different time cycles

$ ls /etc | grep fcron

you can put your script in there according to the needed time cycle. If you build your addon you can copy your script while build process into one of those directories, can find an example LFS in here -->;a=blob;f=lfs/util-linux;hb=31cbb589d9c8610ba0d9b15e2cb1612ac05912a6#l89 whereby you can make your own config directory under */ipfire-2.x/config named like your addon LFS.

  1. how do I get the languages of the addon included?
    Under */ipfire-2.x/langs -->;a=tree;f=langs;h=c7e507b8d55a09e7a54b18e17e37e2bf79c33463;hb=refs/heads/core152 .

I hope this helps you a step further. It might be a good idea to go to the developer mailinglist --> where you should get the best help in my opinion but may also some other/better implementation ideas.



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Hi Erik,

Thanks for your answer, then I will ask my remaining questions in the ML.

see you

Since this all seems to work only with git, I’m out.
I uploaded the files at Can’t create any folders there, so the pictures and language files are missing.

Also I have problems with the official language here and I don’t have to do that in my spare time.

Do what you want with the files. I have no desire to do this to myself at the moment.

Hi Frank,
in the mailinglist is currently not that much traffic but this have something to do with a lot of work on other projects, so please don´t get frustrated if the core developers do not react in short time.
If you have a problem with Git (i call it sometimes iGit :wink: ) i have an idea. I can prepare it for you if you like, you would nevertheless need to setup a build environment so you can integrate the files and can send it then to the mailinglist since this is your development.

As an idea ?



Hello Eric, hello list,

I have already received an offer from Matthias. He agrees to publish
the addon in my name. For the time being I agree.
If I should dare to use GIT sometime, I will need a lot of help. But
that is not yet the case. I will certainly get on your nerves with

Greetings Frank

No problem Frank,
great that Matthias do this. I did also made so far a LFS, ROOTFILE and PAKS and build it (install no compilation) which went through but i haven´t test it yet and i am sure there is more stuff to do on it.

You can´t get off of my nerves since you where never on them :wink: .

All the best.


Hello Frank - When you or Matthias is ready I can help with the IPFire wiki and getting IPTraffic documented.

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You are welcome to do that. I think this month the add-on will be ready for the public.

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