Question about URL-Filter - time-contingent based filtering

I want to implement a rule that limits my kids internet-time to -let’s be generous ;-)- 30 minutes a day.
I already use URL-Filtering with whitelisting so that there should be only certain websites the kid can visit within those 30 minutes.
When I activate"URL-Filter-Configuration" >“New Time-contigent-rule” and choose “30 minutes”
“Activity-Recognition 15 minutes” (What does this mean? No “active” surfing = more time?)" with his IP-address, it ignores the blacklist and the it can surf to whatever it wants (for 30 minutes).

Is it the right tool? Does it override my whitelist?

Any hints welcome,

When I was young (mid 90’s) my father tried the same. Since this is also just IP based filtering it’s too easy to get around that.

You should use the “Blue access” control and force a right combination of IP and MAC addresses. Since there is no access control with other networks, you may not use green at all. Well it’s still possible to listen to other connections and steal the information/combination of IP and MAC address for unfiltered access.

In this case you may use a combination of “Blue access” control and the Captive Portal with coupons. However the coupons can’t be limited to special hosts so it won’t work right now. The options for coupons with (optional) IP and MAC address information (as restriction) should be enlarged. So to your kids will be given a single, unlimited coupon that only fits to the right client (IP, MAC). Now your rules will def. take effect.

To your point: It looks lke it only offers the “URL filter settings” categories and not “Custom blacklist”, “Custom whitelist” and “Custom expression” list.

In my opinion those custom lists are missing and should be added. Also there should be a way to define multiple custom lists for multiple users.