Question about ipfire3

Good afternoon.
I want to ask about Ipfire3.
It will have an opportunity.

  1. Management from 10 VLAN 802.1Q on one interface.
  2. Automatic switching of two Internet channels. (From the main to the backup and vice versa).
  3. Support for connecting to an ISP via L2TP.
  4. Support trunk port
  5. Support in WEBGUI DHCP settings for more than one network. And also push networks into VLANs.

You guys make a great product, but I don’t understand why you need to install a network card for DMZ if there is VLAN 802.1Q technology

Thank you.

Hi @bartes

Welcome to the IPFire community.

I suspect that your question would be best directed at the Dev mailing list. There you will be communicating directly with the devs that would be most closely involved with the IPFire3 development work. While they also do look at the community forum it will be less often as they are heavily focused on bug fixes etc for IPFire2 and IPFire3 development so are unlikely to visit the forum on a daily basis.

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