QoS to distribute traffic via two WAN interfaces/VPN servers?

I would like to setup ipfire on a raspberry pi zero which would be equiped with one built-in RJ45 connector and two USB ethernet(RJ45) adapters. One connector would be used to connect switch for my LAN computers and other two for 2 WAN internet connections. CUrrently my computer is using VPN client software, but i would like to put this job on the IPfire router so it can use QoS to distribute traffic via more than one WAN connection or more than one VPN server based on kind of traffic. I understood that current hardware routers can not separate traffic if it is a VPN tunnel that is comming from my working computer. So i thought IPfire (or other simialr SW/OS) will either:
A) certain traffic will pass thru WAN port 1 and other kind of traffic via WAN port 2 while each interface (WAN port) will use different remote (internet located) VPN server.
B) there will be only one WAN, but the ipfire will distribute various kind of traffic via various VPN servers (i have experience with OpenVPN setup and i head about Wireguard) located outdise in the internet

Is there any feature request i can vote for or any tutorial that would do guide linux networking n00b thru this achieving mentions please? Please reply even if you know about tutorial for different OS/software than IPfire.


I’ve read your post twice and still cannot understand 100% what you are trying to achieve.

Please correct me if I’m wrong:

  1. You have 2 WAN interfaces (WAN1 & WAN2).
  2. You want to have different VPN connections, one in each WAN.

Are the above correct?

I don’t know if this helps you:

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Correct and or one WAN, but two VPN servers and QoS or similar will distribute traffic according to its type between the two VPN servers thru single WAN link.

Thanks for clarifying.
I haven’t tried it myself in any firewall that I’ve used.
IMHO it should be possible.