Qos rrd has me stumped

just testing this in 174 and the graphs are saying

10:23:42	ipfire: 	Error in RRD::graph for qos device red0: opening '/var/log/rrd/class_1-100_red0. rrd': No such file or directory (qos.cgi, red0, hour)

when i went to go look and see what was generated i find

I have looked through the graphs.pl, all the files in /var/ipfire/qos/bin, built a clean version of 174 in my build environment and swapped out all the files i can find pertaining to qos. Ive restarted the system each time after making changes, configured qos from scratch with only the defaults and still cant figure this out. i have read all the posts i can find along with the wiki

anyone have some ideas?

EDIT: forgot to mention its Core-Update 174 Development Build: master/11f4726b

left 2 vm’s and my live system running qos all day and still the same results…

Sorry for not responding to your posts. Sometimes things get overlooked that should not be!

Please see:

I am closing this thread.

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