QoS Preset encapsulation for cable modem?

I’m using the Preset for QoS and was wondering what link-layer encapsulation I should use for a Cable Modem?


The choice of link-layer encapsulation is generally independent of QoS settings in IPFire.

QoS in IPFire is focused on managing and prioritizing network traffic based on Network Layer (Layer 3) parameters such as IP addresses, port numbers, and protocols. This is separate from the Data Link Layer (Layer 2) encapsulation methods used by the underlying network hardware, such as your Cable Modem.

For a Cable Modem, the typical encapsulation is Ethernet over DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification), and this is usually handled by the modem and your ISP. When configuring QoS in IPFire, your primary concern should be setting the correct bandwidth limits and defining priority rules based on the types of traffic you have, like VoIP, streaming, or general web browsing.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the link-layer encapsulation for your Cable Modem in the QoS settings of IPFire. Instead, your configuration efforts should be directed towards fine-tuning the QoS rules based on your network’s bandwidth capabilities and the priority needs of different traffic types to ensure optimal network performance. For instance, if you frequently use VoIP services, you might prioritize traffic on ports typically used by VoIP protocols (like SIP on port 5060) to ensure clear and uninterrupted calls. Similarly, for ensuring quality streaming, you might prioritize traffic on ports used by streaming services, and so on.