QoS Log Location?

Where would I find any QoS logs stored? I don’t see anything in the web interface other than the graph but I’m assuming there is something I can find from the command line.

The QoS system classifies the incoming packets according to the specified rules in a queue that is sent to a special device called imq0, therefore you can check everything that gets logged in the kernel messages by grepping /var/log/messages for that term, e.g. grep -i imq0 /var/log/messages.

All the graphs in the Web User Interface are created from a number of databases in RRD (Round Robin Database) which is a database format optimized for logging a time series of data in a way that loops over itself to keep the footprint under control. To access and analyze the data you need to use RRDTool. You can find the relevant files using the find command, or if you are lazy like me, the locate (you need updatedb first) command :

[root@ipfire localhost]# locate rrd | grep imq0

Thanks for your help!