Qos: how do you put http(s) downloads to low priority?

how do you put http(s) downloads to low priority?
while keeping ordinary browsing to high priority

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this might help:

hi Jon
already read that several times
an unfortunately i didn’t find any satisfactory answer there


unfortunately, if the downloads in question are having the same layer 3 and 4 characteristics as normal HTTP(S) traffic does, it becomes tricky to tell them apart by just using QoS.

This is because QoS does not “see” the internal source IP address, because it operates on IPFire’s RED interface only. Neither does QoS work on a FQDN basis, so you cannot distinguish traffic by a destinations’ domain name.

Could you give us some more details about your scenario? Are the downloads exclusively made by certain devices or clients, while the “browsing traffic” is emitted by other source IP addresses? What kind of downloads are these? Updates? If so, which ones?

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Peter MĂĽller

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Hi Peter
yes i read up on it a couple of hours.
and i found out that it’s only possible to do it on the originating client


well, it depends, I guess. You could also use IPFire’s built-in web proxy and set up throttling to limit the bandwidth downloads can eat up.

To do so, however, you would need to direct all clients or applications downloading stuff to IPFires’ proxy, while granting the rest of them direct internet access. Alternatively, if those groups are in different network zones (say GREEN for “downloading” devices, and BLUE for “surfing” devices), you could enforce IPFire’s proxy for all of them (a good idea in terms of security), and set up throttling for GREEN only.

You just need to tell those two groups apart somehow. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter MĂĽller