QoS - (De)prioritize by IP?

Hi all,

I’m starting a Mastodon server on my network, and want to give it full bandwidth unless any other service needs it.

I’m already using Cake QoS, but it usually wants to prioritize by traffic type. As the server utilizes many different traffic types, is there a way to assign any traffic from a specific IP to a QoS class?


If you add another class then add ip
I’m struggling with turning QOS myself.
No expert here.

Thanks Shaun! I think that gave me the right path to search.

I wasn’t able to create a new class though, I tried creating a new class 119 which failed with rrd errors:

The .rrd file did eventually get created in /var/log/rrd, but the new class doesn’t show in the list of classes and it seems to have broken my rrd records, too:

I wish I had that kind of speed! :slight_smile:
This might be something separate to look into.

But I’m getting there! I took over the existing 120 and 220 P2P classes and deleted the layer7 bittorrent checks (I use bittorrent, but it’s proxied/vpn’d so the protocol will never get detected anyway). I added a port rule, tcp protocol, with the ip as the source/destination IP as needed per class, and while the graph shows the correct color for the data/class and it obeys the overall QoS limits, it doesn’t seem to be obeying a slower speed if I lower that classes bandwidth yet:

Does anyone else have trouble adding a new QoS class like I did, though?

When I modify my QoS settings
I restart the service and Sometimes I click start too.
the Graphs Correct themselves after a little while.