QoS and OpenVPN

We have QoS setup for our two IPFire firewalls. They are linked using a Net-to-Net OpenVPN and connection and we also have multiple roadwarrior VPN connections. The QoS interface reports the traffic being captured appropriately for red-green connections, but doesn’t show the traffic being separated out across the VPN interfaces. For example if a Teams call is running between the two offices we see the traffic on red0 and lmq0, but it is put in the General category rather than Teams, according to the interface. However, if this is an external call (including a Teams call between the office and roadwarriors without all their traffic being redirected) then it gets picked up nicely.

So my questions are:

  1. Is the QoS doing the required bandwidth allocation behind the scenes across the VPN connections, it’s just being reported incorrectly? If so, how can I confirm this?
  2. If QoS is not working in this case, is there a way to add the OpenVPN interfaces to the QoS management (presumably via text configuration - those interfaces are not visible via the GUI)?

The system is a live one, so I don’t really want to try and saturate the system to test the current QoS as it might impact people trying to get some work done…

Many thanks in advance

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