QEMU - virt-clone missed

Hello all,

I wanted to clone a VM today on my router (Core 153) but apparently the command does not exist.

virt-clone --original {dokuwiki} --name {dokuwiki-clone} --auto-clone

The cloning works via the VMM, i.e. via the web interface, but not on the command line with this command.


This is quite an interesting issue. If you have confirmed that it works as intended via the web interface then I can only think of these possibilities:

  1. The virt-clone command is stored somewhere that is not indicated on your $PATH variable.
  2. The virt-clone command was saved under a different name.
  3. The VMM uses an entirely different method to clone a VM.

Welp, I myself haven’t bothered trying to use ipfire for virtualization so I guess only the veterans/devs can properly answer this question. D:

EDIT: I thought of a possible solution. Try this:
find / | grep clon

This will definitely find that virt-clone hiding somewhere or anything that has “clon” in it. Used “clon” instead of “clone” so that it will also match with “cloning”.

Hi @pablo78

virt-clone is part of the virt-manager package and not part of libvirt and that is why you can’t access it from the IPFire command line.

When you are using the web interface, that is using virt-manager on your desktop to clone remotely on IPFire.

Thanks for the feedback and I have installed the Virt-Manager on a separate VM (Debian) and it works with that.
I was just a bit irritated that it doesn’t work with the command on the router.
Many thanks for the information.

Sincerely Paul

Hi Paul,

If you want/need to run it from the IPFire command line you will need to create virt-manager as an addon.

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So the virt-manager probably wouldn’t be bad, but then it would only be the commands and not an interface (like the VMM on my Debian VM), which isn’t so bad.