Qemu network cant connect guest to LAN or internet

My test setup before moving it to my actual server is as follows:
Laptop with eth and wlan > eth0 on green (has full LAN access) and wlan0 on red (connected to my AP and has internet)
qemu setup with vnc and connection to guest OS is working

I have followed the wiki to setup qemu to start my guest and create the orange network but the device name under setup for orange is "???: Unknown Network Interface (orange0)’

Under /var/ipfire/settings:
ORANGE _DRIVER=‘Unknown Network Interface (orange0)’
ORANGE_DEV=orange0 and ORANGE_DESCRIPTION="???: Unknown Network Interface (orange0)’

I have used setup to configure an IP for orange ( and am able to ping this IP from LAN but am not able to ping guest IP ( from any device or my ipfire host.

Can anyone shed some light as to where I am going wrong? I have tried setting green to bridge but end up with only local access to ipfire machine (no ping from LAN either).I know that orange needs to be a virtual device but am stumped as to the correct setup and configuration method.