Qemu-guest-agent for ProxMox

I would like to know how to install the qemu-guest-agent for Proxmox on IPFire?
Thanks in advance!

open-vm-tool will fit the use?

Is this an addon or how can I install it?

You could browse the addon list… the addon is present.

OK, got it… Thank you!

You can copy the qemu-ga binary from another Linux.
Then you can use it because it has no dependencies.
The init.d script, you have to write yourself.

Sorry… Installing open-vm-tools worked for you, @fpausp?

I would absolutely not recommend this.

It will probably run for now, but we are running a highly customised compiler and some other things inside IPFire. You would not want to miss out on any hardening that is coming from that.

It probably is not very much work to package the guest agent from source.

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