PXE file and server


I’m trying to configure ipfire’s DHCP to be able to boot on a VM to make and get a image on a fog server (open source ghost solution) on the same network.

I’m a beginner in PXE management, if I understood correctly I have 2 options to set up in the DHCP options of ipfire . I unfortunately didn’t succeed until now to make it work.

my final (not working) setup:

i suppose to have:
option 66 > ip of the fog server
option 67 > filename

If there are documentations or anything else I am interested in, in the hope to learn more from you!

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thank you for your answer, I’ve already seen this page, unfortunately nothing really useful in my case … I wasn’t clear enough in the description of my problem?


Good news I found the setting in the DHCP service, just in the first settings.

problem solved!