Put opened vpn connection via shell into green nic as part of local network

I don’t normally ask for help, usually somebody has solved the issue previously and you can find it somewhere, but this has me stumped.
I wonder if some wonderful knowledgeable person could point me in correct direction as I’m a network / vpn newbie:

  • I have a remote server say on out there in the internet, and I want to VPN to it so that all my green clients can have access to it.
  • My red network is on
  • My green network is running on 10.0.1.? they can all talk to each other and the ipfire on
  • My IPFire box has got an openvpn connection open to my server ( via command line where ipfire can talk to it on and the server can talk to my IPFire box on
  • Now I would like my green clients on to be able to talk to the remote server on a but they cannot, they have no knowledge of or even better bring the remote server into the green dhcp range so it behaves like a local machine.

I am guessing it is probably a routing / firewall issue, although having no experience with routing or iptables I’m just stabbing in the dark.

I can post openvpn configs if it will help, I just didn’t want to clutter this up.

Much appreciate any help you can give me!


may be wrong setup :wink:

  1. no one needs acces to 10.8.0 network (it is only a “transfer network”)

  2. do not touch a firewall (IPFire itself initiates all neede rules on start/stop)

  3. give the correct routing info in your (server)setup , will be routed through tunnel

  4. check routing table …- 213.x is an internet-network… it must have a route setting before general internetrouting …the problem: the openVPN (tun) devices appears after (!) starting openVPN and disappears with stopping openVPN … but the routing must be before others (metric)

  5. it has never been a good idea to setup “local” machines/interfaces with public addresses :wink:
    Well - route-setting-script could help …

  6. try to solve …but never use a 10.8. address directly …traceroute can help with source-option