Proxy crash / Squid issue

Sorry @arne_f you are correct, my mention that it came in on CU185 is incorrect.

My apologies for my error.
Everyone please ignore my comments re the ASIX.
I replied, getting triggered by the ASIX mention and obviously not reading closely enough.


I have this Version Edimax EU-4306.

Hmmm… I also have an ASIX AX88179 powering my RED network. It is also crashing even with a purely RAM cache. I’m not sure how the ethernet driver could cause Squid to crash,. but is it confirmed this is the cause? Is CU186 expected to fix this issue? Do I need to go ahead and replace my adapter? I was considering upgrading to 2.5gb USB adapters sometime in the future anyway, but not immediately since I do not have gigabit+ internet yet.

In my case it works to switch the two network adapters. My Asix-USB-Adapter was red, now it is the green one. And my Intel Chipset was green and is now red. I don’t have any more of these issues. It works all fine. Without Cache Manager and so on.

There is a bug with that adapter.


I made that mistake. The users on this thread have the problem with cu185 but the ax88179 issue is in cu186 testing.

Cu185 has no issues with those adapters.

I will try swapping my ASIX for my Intel, red for green and see if that fixes the issue for me as well.

Edit: 3 days later, so far, so good. My memory usage went straight to 8 GB (which is what I allocated for the cache) instead of doing a tiered escalation like before and it doesn’t seem to have crashed. I don’t know if just swapping the red and green assignments to the two NIC’s reset something or if something in IP Fire and squid has an issue with an ASIX NIC being assigned to red.

That fix seemed to work for a while but now it failed again and I can’t get it to work again even after disabling and clearing the cache and rebooting IP Fire… the proxy just refuses any connections now. I saw similar spikes in memory usage after a handful of days of running (attached).

Are you aware of this?

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