Proxy block ports

I have a Problem, to building a VMware Client Connection through my proxy.

I set the Ports that I need into my firewall rules and they don’t block any more the connections but the Proxy does. How can I find out which are being blocked by my proxy?

When I switch my Proxy setting off on my local Windows 10 machine, it goes but not when I activate it again. Where can I read the Port information, what he blocked?

Thanks for the help!

Proxy? IPfire has a Web proxy that handles http and https connections, not more. Only port 80 and 443. Any other service has nothing to do with the Web proxy.

Edit: - General information about Squid

FTP over http is also handled by squid. Didn’t even know that.

Also I don’t understand what a “VMware Client Connection” is supposed to be. Or are you talking about VPN? Or do you have a VM running and you want to do something like RDP from the host to the client?

You can always watch the firewall logs to see what has been blocked or dropped or anything else.

The proxy log can be found in the system logs with the selection of Web-proxy (squid).


Hey Terry,
I want to say thank you for the very fast and compotent help. This was my first Post, and I didn’t recognize it so well. I need to get a feeling about the System how it works but your Answer helps me a lot!