Proxy and wpad: How to deliver the wpad-file?

As far as I read in ipFire at all, I need a web service that delivers the WPAD-File. To setup a additional http-service to deliver this file seems a lot of effort. But wait … the ipFire AdminUI delivered its content via a http(s) service. (Port 444)
Is there a way to use this to deliver the wpad-file, too? (vhost at port 80?)

Apache on IPfire runs a virtual host on port 444 but also a virtual host serving the proxy.pac on port 81. You have two options, you can create a new virtual server on port 80 serving the same files, or you can use the firewall to redirect the port 80 requests over port 81.

This second option is yet to be documented on the wiki and it is in my to-do list. I do not think this is too difficult to implement, if you would like try this method here is a brief description of how to do it.

EDIT: I entered the missing section in the WIKI. I would appreciate anyone testing that the wpad file is being downloaded when directed to http://ipfire.localdomain/proxy.pac or http://ipfire.localdomain/wpad.dat or http://wpad.localdomain/wpad.dat (where ipfire.localdomain is you local url).


I can confirm, that the redirection works.


Ah, perfect so ipFire offers an http-service to deliver the wpad.dat file.
Looks like I misunderstand this ugly UI.

The redirection from port 80 to port 81 for wpad works, but some other connections to the web don’t work Did not inspect the logs until now, but I suspect more HTTP connections are redirected.

thank @bbitsch Bernhard. I will revert the entry in the wiki until we clarify the issue.

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of course, I should have realized that any connection to port 81 directed to the firewall will be redirected. I think that there might be a problem if a user lists in Squid configuration port 81 as a destination. Will this be redirected to IPFire Apache as Squid is also running on IPFire?